Christian Kramp: «New opportunities with Vinidra!»

Hello! My name is Ann Negoda and this is my project - we help you to become better in your bussines.

For today’s interview we’ve invited a very interesting person from Germany — Cristian Kramp. He’s a Chief Executive Officer and Product Manager at «Little Rock Online».

We asked him some important questions about the process of creation of own business. Well, let’s start.

You can read this interview in Russian here.

Christian Kramp – is a young businessman who specializes in different Internet-projects. He has an interesting experience in this field and shares with us his ideas.

From this interview you will know about:

  • a new project Vinidra which will be available very soon not only in Germany but also in our country;
  •  new possibilities and alternatives on the market of vacancies;
  •  one more secret of success in developing your own business;
  • a lot of other interesting information.

 Ann Negoda: «Chris, introduce yourself, please. Tell us about your position, experience in business, the main achievements. When and where were you born?

logo vinindraChristian Kramp: «I am Chief Executive Officer and Product Manager at Little Rock Online.

Little Rock Online is my first startup  and I am running it since three years,  now working on the career network  Vinidra. The age of the company, of  course, is a main achievement.

The other one would be, that we were able to  finish a first version of our website Vinidra  within four months although we had a single software engineer only.

I was born June 10 1987 in Lemgo, Germany.»

Ann Negoda: «How do you think which phrase or quotation describes your personality best?»

Christian Kramp: «Best quote would be “Think Different!” by Apple. I prefer not to be like the majority and find other solutions for a problem.»

Ann Negoda: «Thank you! That’s fine! How did you choose this business activity? How did you decide to work for yourself?

Christian Kramp: «While using LinkedIn and its German competitor Xing I received many contact requests from users who only tried to invite me to useless webinars, tried to sell me something or just wanted to show how big their network is. Others created fake-accounts to get a larger network. This wasn’t good for business networking because you need to trust each other. Because it was an opportunity I have chosen this.»

Ann Negoda: «Exellent! How did you earn your first money in business? Or tell us, please, about your first deal, when you understood that this business can bring you money.»

Christian Kramp: «The first money came from energy and telecommunications consulting agency. It was an exchange, because we were designing their website and they would join our network and we could get their reference on our integrated enterprise tools which included communications as you may know from Intranets, To-Do-Lists, Memos and so on.»

Ann Negoda: «It’s very interesting work experience. What was the biggest problem that you successfully resolved?»

Christian Kramp: «It was the fight against spam and fraud in career networks. Vinidra uses a top-down-recommendation system and an algorithm. Users can level up in up to 21 classes, but need the recommendations of users in upper classes. If you are a spammer or a fraud you will always stay in class 1 and everyone can see it. It’s all about reputation.»

Ann Negoda: «Thank you. What else would you like to reach in your life? It can be absolutely different aims – in your career, hobby, in your personal life, in social projects etc.»

Christian Kramp: «If I once become rich I would start a farming business in Africa and give 49% of the shares to locals. There were the potential is given but investments and knowledge are low I would help them to harvest their own food and eventually sell it. It is better than development aid and better than sitting on too much money.»

Ann Negoda: «Oh, you are so kind. It is very nobly. My next question is following: what is the secret of success in your opinion? It can be the secret of success in your sphere or it can be some universal secrets. What should a person do to become the best in his or her business?»

Christian Kramp: «Best you can do is not to give up. I know what I am talking about. At the age of 16 a doctor told me I have a very complicated hypothyroidism since four years. During this time I was on Gymnasium, but he told me normally I should go to a lower secondary school (Hauptschule) because it was limiting my mental functions. But I didn’t gave up, came back and finished my college education last year. This is the will you need not to give up. But of course other great ingredients are creativity, the ability to work in a team and a gut feeling.»

Ann Negoda: «Is that really enough?»

Christian Kramp: «But of course other great ingredients are creativity, the ability to work in a team and a gut feeling.»

Ann Negoda: «Ok. Can you tell us about a book or a movie which had a great influence on your wish to start this business or which affected your world outlook and consciousness? What can you recommend people to read or to watch?»

Christian Kramp: «The most influencing book was „The Snowball“ by Alice Schroeder about US-Billionaire Warren Buffett. She described Warren Buffett as a simple, easy man who likes to play Bridge, to read the newspaper, toy trains, candies and fast-food, otherwise he is making decisions with a huge impact. But more interesting is his philosophy on humans. During his trip to China he has seen a Chinese worker in a harbor and said that destiny that he was even more poor while he is rich and called it an ovary-lottery. It could be upside down. It influenced him to spend his fortune for charity after his dead. He’s unlike Donald Trump or others who are living with champaign and all the stuff.»

Ann Negoda: «Thank you, Christian! I have the last question for today’s interview. Do you have enything else to tell us about you and your business? If «yes», please do it!»

Christian Kramp: «Vinidra is going to compete with LinkedIn, a company I really respect. One important market will be Russia and the territory of former USSR. For Russian users Vinidra will be for free. We made this decision due to current circumstances. Else it would cost 3 EUR per month for individuals. It will also help to grow fast in Russia. Our Russian users will get a translated website with the help from our friend Marina Eliseeva.

It will also be an interesting alternative to Your Vinidra-profile will be your Curriculum Vitae and you can apply for jobs posted on Vinidra. Our current version of Vinidra has a small market, but we are working on a comfortable solution.


Also you can build up a network of interesting people in your career.
But one of the most interesting features will be the journal. We encourage  our  users to write articles, professional articles or a thesis. Because it  shows your  skills and ideas to the crowd and you could get a  recommendation. Young  talents may stay in the spotlight of interest soon  if they write about you  technologies in logistics, marketing, web design or  even science. You either write or read interesting articles.

I am convinced that our Russian users will contribute many fascinating articles in the tradition of thinkers like Mikhail Lomonosov, Andrei Sakharov, Maxim Kontsevich or Sergey Brin. Maybe not in sciences but in other areas of business.

Vinidra is currently under development, but as soon as possible we’ll welcome you in our network.»

Ann Negoda: «Oh, thank you, that’s very unexpected! Ok, Chris, I wish you good luck and successfull realisation of your plans! Thank you very much. It was very exciting for all of us. And we’ll be glad to see you here again for the second interview next time!»

My dear friends, I remind you that our today’s guest was Christian Kramp from Lemgo, Germany!

Stay with us and read more interesting and useful information.

Best wishes, your Anna Negoda,!

You can read this interview in Russian here.

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